FC Den Haag ****

Fun Facts about Fc Den Haag

FC Den Haag is a very popular football club in the Netherlands, and their reputation has been growing on the international scene as well, mostly due to success in the national league. The full name of the club is Alles Door Oefening D$8.9 millionen Haag, which is likely to come as a surprise to many people since the club is generally referred to as FC Den Haag or sometimes, ADO Den Haag.

As unlikely as it may seem, considering the current status of the club, FC Den Haag was founded on the first of February, 1905 in Het Hof van Berlijn, a café in The Hague that is now known as De Paap. They moved to their own stadium in 1925, earning promotion to the country’s highest league in the following year. In the beginning, the fight against relegation was the topmost priority for the club, but in about 5 years, it was able to rise to the top echelon of the league and has largely maintained its place since then. The team’s stadium is Kyocera Stadion, which they moved to in the 2009 season, and which has a capacity of up to 15,000 people.

In, June, 2014, the majority shareholder sold the club to a Chinese company. While the specific details of the transaction are unavailable, it has been reported that the sale price was $8.9 million. In any case, the present owners have stated their intention to invest millions into the club to increase its ability to compete for laurels.

Over time, the team has developed very strong times with a number of other clubs, most notable of which is Swansea City. Both clubs often fly each other’s flag at their matches, and the culture of an annual pre-season friendly match has been in place for many years.