Foto update: weekend ****

Van de training voor **** staat een klein fotoverslag op de website, evenals een fotoverslag van de wedstrijd zelf.

Klik hier voor de foto's van de training en hier voor de wedstrijd.

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Top interview Groen Geel Hart

Onze collega's van Groen Geel Hart hebben weer een BN'er weten te strikken voor de camera. Deze keer geeft Kim Holland een diepte interview weg.

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FC Den Haag - Heracles

Na de thuisoverwinning op NAC van vorige week, won Den Haag gister met 2-0 van Heracles. Klik hier voor een kort fotoverslag.

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Foto's FCDH - Utrecht

De thuiswedstrijd tegen FC Utrecht werd vandaag afgesloten met een 2-2 gelijkspel. Voorafgaand deze wedstrijd was er een minuut stilte voor de overleden Didi Vathauren. Klik hier voor het fotoverslag.

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Foto's oefenwedstrijd FC Dordrecht

Vanwege de Europa League ging de geplande oefenwedstrijd tussen FC Dordrecht en Den Haag niet door. Deze werd vandaag alsnog gespeeld, op de Krommedijk. De "Schapekoppen" wonnen met 3-1, door 2 doelpunten van Santy Hulst. Een fotoverslag staat hier. Vandaag pakte Den Haag 3 belangrijke, onverwachte punten in Rotterdam bij Feyenoord. Een klein fotoverslag staat hier.

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Foto's FC Den Haag - VVV Gisteravond boekte Den Haag de eerste thuisoverwinning van het seizoen door met 2-0 te winnen van VVV. Een klein fotoverslag staat hier. PAOK - Tottenham Hotspur In navolging van de wedstrijd Aris Saloniki - Atromitos, heeft een Den Haag supporter die momenteel in Thessaloniki zit, ook de Europa League wedstrijd PAOK - Tottenham Hotspur bezocht. Deze eerste wedstrijd in de poulefase eindigde in 0-0. YGA on tour: Aris Saloniki - Atromitos Athene Van iemand die momenteel in de Griekse stad Thessaloniki zit, ontvingen wij foto's van de wedstrijd Aris Saloniki - Atromitos Athene die hij daar bezocht heeft. Aris, met Karim Soltani in de basis, verloor in eigen huis met 0-1 van de laagvlieger Atromitos Athene.


Foto's FC Den Haag - RKC Gisteravond stond de topper tegen RKC op het programma. Dat Den Haag veel moeite had met de promovendus, was wel duidelijk. De wedstrijd werd dan ook met 0-1 verloren. Klik hier voor een paar foto's. Foto's PSV thuis De foto's van vanmiddag staan online. De uitslag van 0-3 zegt genoeg. Klik hier voor de foto's.

Hair Shower Routine That Helps Your Scalp

A 3-Step Routine for Stronger Hair and Less Bald Spots

If you’re currently being plagued by bald spots, you’re not alone. Hair loss is something that affects a significant percentage of men; with it starting to occur as early as your teenage years! However, you’ll be pleased to know that something as simple as amending your shower routine can go a long way to both strengthening your hair and even preventing its loss altogether. Here’s our three-step plan:

Use an Essential Oil

Begin your shower routine with the use of an essential oil such as coconut, almond, olive, lavender, or jojoba oil. Essential oils contain a wide array of nutrients that are highly beneficial for your hair and the oil transports them from your scalp to your hair follicles with ease. Completely cover your scalp with your oil of choice, massage it into your hair, and then cover it with a hair bag for 5 minutes.

A Topical Hair Prevention Formula

After washing out the oil, apply a topical hair loss prevention solution like Provillus. Its solution contains minoxidil, a compound renowned for its ability to prevent hair loss. In addition to the topical solution, Provillus involves the use of a dietary supplement which contains nutrients such as zinc, iron, magnesium, and biotin, all of which nourish you from the inside and help strengthen your hair. Apply the solution to your head, rubbing it in vigorously before rinsing it out.

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Use a Nutrient Rich Shampoo

After using rinsing out the Provillus, it’s time to reach for the shampoo to round out the routine. We recommend the use of a nutrient-rich shampoo, which contains a combination of vitamins and minerals that will strengthen your hair. Nutrients to look for in your shampoo include biotin, niacin, and zinc.

Why Men Enjoy Watching Football

Around the world today, football is arguably the most popular sport. On pivotal match-days, the number of people who are glued to their television sets watching the players on the pitch is simply more than the number of people who are watching TV at any other point in time. Of the people who watch football on a regular basis and are most passionate about it, a large percentage is men and there are many different reasons for this.

When men watch FC Den Haag play football, they usually do it in the company of a girl, their friends or even alone sometimes. Football is very exciting for them in any of these situations because of the way it enables them to have fun and relax over a drink or two. So, socialization is one of the most important reasons why men love to watch football. It gives them a reason to get together at a sports bar or at the home of a friend and then watch the game while having discussions about the game, politics, women and everything in between.

Sometimes, they take the extra step of actually going to the stadium to watch the team play. That is usually a much more exciting and engaging experience than watching the match on TV. The experience is definitely worth the price of buying FC Den Haag tickets, especially if one gets to sit in the front rows, very close to the field.

Another reason why a lot of men watch football is a desire to show their loyalty to a team that they support. The reasons for supporting different teams are very varied. For some, it is the allegiance to an alma mater while for others, it is to the city or state’s team. Most people would be sad if the teams they support lose, and would be elated if they win. As a result, their connection to the team is what sometimes makes them watch them watch the matches in which those teams are playing.

Sometimes, people who are not necessarily passionate about the sport also make efforts to ensure that they watch matches. There are many reasons for this. For some people, it could be that they are going as a favor to another person. For instance, you could get a friend to come along with you and cheer your team alongside you. In such an instance, she would definitely be as passionate as you are for your team’s success, in a bid to please you and ensure that you are happy.

Some other times, men watch football in a bid to blend in with their friends, especially during those periods where the passion and excitement for the sport is running high. No one wants to seem the odd one out when everyone is rooting for one team or the other. If this is the case for you, having a London girl along can serve to interest you and keep you from getting bored throughout the match.